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The Top 5 IELTS Essay Errors!

September 27, 2022 Shelly Cornick and Nick Lone
My IELTS Classroom Podcast
The Top 5 IELTS Essay Errors!
Show Notes

Hey! We're back this week with a look at some common problems students (who haven't taken our writing course!) run into with essay writing.

In today's episode, we look at some common problems with organisation, grammar, and ideas which can prevent YOU from scoring a 7.0. in writing on exam day.

In this episode, we will

  1. talk about the 5 mistakes Nick and I find most often in First Assessment essays
  2. explain some basic pointers about how to correct these errors 
  3. point you in the right direction to our podcast library (already over 100 episodes!) so that you can go into more detail and stop these errors permanently

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