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Let's write introductions to Agree / Disagree essays!

May 03, 2022 Shelly Cornick and Nick Lone
My IELTS Classroom Podcast
Let's write introductions to Agree / Disagree essays!
Show Notes

Hey! Today Nick and I are trying a new style of lesson. Instead of giving you lots of information about one topic, we are going to break down one element of essay writing - how to write an introduction to an IELTS agree / disagree essay.

Join us to learn the three ingredients that you need to write an introduction well (they may not be what you expect) and how you can tackle questions that include "some people" or a background statement.

By the end of the short lesson, you should be able to write an introduction to any agree / disagree essay with ease, which should give you more time to tackle the body of the essay, which is where all of the points are to be gained.

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In this episode, we will explain 

  1. how to write a sentence that clearly gives your opinion
  2. how to paraphrase accurately (including when you cannot paraphrase)
  3. three sentence structures that you can use to write your opening sentence 
  4. look at agree / disagree sentences that start with "some people" and how that will affect your introduction
  5. discuss how you can use a background sentence in the prompt to open your introduction

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